Publication of TMM-CH articles in the Special Issue: Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modelling and Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, of the Journal: Heritage

Tuesday Mar 29th, 2022

We are pleased to share that the following TMM-CH articles are published in the Special Issue ‚ÄúTransdisciplinary Multispectral Modelling and Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage" of the Journal Heritage (

  1. Lampropoulos KC, Apostolopoulou M, Tsilimantou E, Moropoulou A. The Grouting Process as an Innovative Tool for the Assessment of the State of Preservation and Internal Features of the Holy Aedicule of the Holy Sepulchre. Heritage. 2022; 5(1):61-87.
  2. Spathis PK, Mavrommati M, Gkrava E, Tsiridis V, Evgenidis SP, Karapanagiotis I, Melfos V, Karapantsios TD. Characterization of Natural Stone from the Archaeological Site of Pella, Macedonia, Northern Greece. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):4665-4677.
  3. Boniotti C. Wide-Area Heritage Projects in Lombardy: From a Mono-Sector to a Multi-Sector Approach. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):4304-4317.
  4. Maravelaki P-N, Kapetanaki K, Stefanakis D. TEOS-PDMS-Calcium Oxalate Hydrophobic Nanocomposite for Protection and Stone Consolidation. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):4068-4075.
  5. Pavlakou EI, Agrafiotis AG, Tsolaki TG, Lemonia C, Zouvani E, Paraskeva CA, Koutsoukos PG. The Protection of Building Materials of Historical Monuments with Nanoparticle Suspensions. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):3970-3986.
  6. Maravelaki P-N, Theologitis A, Budak Unaler M, Kapridaki C, Kapetanaki K, Wright J. Characterization of Ancient Mortars from Minoan City of Kommos in Crete. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):3908-3918.
  7. Moropoulou A, Lampropoulos K, Vythoulka A. The Riverside Roads of Culture as a Tool for the Development of Aitoloakarnania. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):3823-3847.
  8. Moraitis K, Kontolaimos P, Iliopoulou F. The Ottomans and the Greek Landscape: The Perception of Landscape in Greece by the Ottomans and Its Impact on the Architectural and Landscape Design. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):3749-3769.
  9. Alexopoulou AG, Georgiadou Z, Ilias P, Kaminari AA. The Voyatzis Mansion in Aegina, Greece: A Historical and Architectural Approach and Physicochemical Documentation of the Wall Painting Decoration. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):3630-3651.
  10. Mastrotheodoros GP, Beltsios KG. Original Varnish Recipes in Post-Byzantine Painting Manuals. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):3572-3582.
  11. Adamopoulos FG, Vouvoudi EC, Achilias DS, Karapanagiotis I. Fluorosilane Water-Repellent Coating for the Protection of Marble, Wood and Other Materials. Heritage. 2021; 4(4):2668-2675.